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Covid-19 procedures

On 24th March, in response to government advice on social distancing, we suspended all deliveries and technician callouts until further notice. The health and wellbeing of both our staff and customers is always our priority.

As we are the approved repair specialists for the manufacturer’s warranty, and the only approved service and repair specialists for our Aftercare Plan customers – this suspension of service is causing some difficulties. Hot tub or exercise pool ownership is often for health reasons - any loss of use may adversely affect a customer’s health.

We’ve carried out a comprehensive review of our work practice in consultation with our engineers. We will now offer a reduced service and repair schedule from 16th April 2020, and you can contact our service department ( / 0800 849 2468) to book an appointment.

Our engineers’ decision to work during this reduced service period is being made on a voluntary basis, and on the condition that the following rules are adhered to by everyone.

  • HTA will ensure that our engineers’ vans are stocked with protective face masks, disposable gloves and industrial hand sanitiser.

  • Under no circumstance will our engineers enter your home or any shared indoor space to access your hot tub or pool.

  • A 2-meter distance between you and our engineer must always be maintained, and only one person from your household should interact with the engineer during their visit.

  • Our engineers will make every attempt to avoid any direct contact with you, such as seeking authorisation for a repair over the phone, but certain types of repair may make closer contact unavoidable.

  • Family pets are to be kept inside the home during our engineer’s visit

  • Power / water supply access must be prepared prior to the arrival of our engineer

  • No cash or cheques will be taken. All payments will be processed over the phone using the payment terminal’s ‘customer not present’ option.

  • If any of our engineers start to show any symptoms, they will be sent home to self-isolate as per government guidelines.

  • If you, or any of your family members, are showing any symptoms, you must notify us immediately if one of our engineers is scheduled to visit within the self-isolation period

  • If any of the conditions aren’t complied with, our engineer reserves the right to leave the site, but you will still be charged for the callout at our standard rates.

These are unprecedented times, and we will do everything we can to provide a quality service whilst keeping the risk of catching / spreading the infection to an absolute minimum.

Thank you in advance for working with us to achieve this.

HTA Team

Contact our service team on 0800 849 2468 or

They’re hot tub experts and will assess your spa’s fault or servicing needs.

We’ll quote for the work and if you agree, we'll arrange for a technician to attend.

Our talented engineers will soon have you relaxing in your hot tub again.

"My experience from start to finish has been first class."

Mr Steve Davies, Oxted

You can rely on our skilled team for all your hot tub needs

  • Delivery & Moves

    Whether our Hiabs are squeezing between Cumbrian hedgerows or simply driving across a town, you can trust our expertise to deliver and install your spa whatever the obstacles.

  • Repair

    Our engineers have all completed a factory approved training programme. We ensure that we provide the service and technical expertise to match your expectations of the HotSpring® brand.

  • Servicing

    Our servicing options are specifically designed for HotSpring® spas, and they’ll prolong your hot tub’s life, maintain optimal bathing conditions and help save you money in the long-term.

  • Extended Warranty Protection

    Regular maintenance substantially reduces the risk of part failure, but the volatile combination of electricity, water and chemicals can still cause unexpected faults. Let Spa Shield protect you.

HotSpring® Specialists

HotSpring® has been leading innovation in the domestic spa market for over 40 years, and it’s a brand that’s associated with quality.

We match that level of quality in our services and staff training. We’re proud to be HotSpring® specialists and the authorised installation and maintenance team for HotSpring® World (UK).

"[We use] Hot Tub Assist as our approved national Hot Tub delivery, installation and service experts."

HotSpring World, UK

Many of our staff share your lifestyle choice and own a HotSpring spa. They’re happy to shout, “I’m a Hot Tubber!” after a long week helping other spa owners.

They might soothe aching muscles, maintain health or relax while watching their children bounce on a trampoline. Either way, our team regularly pop into the office to buy chemicals, filters and test strips to ensure that their spa is healthy.

One of our directors often reminds us: “My hot tub still has its original jet pump. It’s never broken in 16 years, but I keep my water well.”

Our engineers have the knowledge to keep their own spas functioning optimally, so if you want to be using the same pump for 16 years, make sure you maintain your water chemistry and purchase a regular service from us.

Don’t let anything get in the way of saying, “I’m a hot tubber!” at the weekend.

Spa Delivery & Moves

You might have recently purchased a spa from a HotSpring showroom, or you may be in the process of moving to a new home and want to take your beloved hot tub with you.

Our skilled installers and fleet of Hiab and flatbed trucks simplify a complex process.

Narrow alleyway? No problem.

Hot Tub Repair

Losing the enjoyment your hot tub provides can be frustrating and stressful.

As HotSpring® specialists, our technicians’ vans are stocked with most spare parts, and it’s likely that we’ll be able to repair your spa on our first call-out.

Contortion is in our engineers' job description.

Spa Servicing

During weekends, you might be meeting friends or occasionally working. You might not have the several hours needed to drain, scrub and refill your spa.

Our service plans do more than just clean. They identify wearing components before they fail and contribute to other faults.

Testing a spa's components requires expertise.

Spa Extended Warranty

Subtle leaks and intermittent electrical faults have been known to result in several visits to find and resolve.

After your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you can protect yourself against the cost of multiple call-outs with our Spa Shield extended warranty.

Spa Shield helps protect precious downtime.

Chemicals, Parts & Accessories